My words are an invitation

My words are an invitation
Scan the scrawl and sprint
up the idle pen and into me
I feel you inside me
looking around
Taking glass hopes off shelves
and shame from bottom drawers
And in my unlocked secrets
perhaps you glimpse
the key to yours


a mosaic
from broken glass
inner windows
Artists hands bleed
laying own
fragments down
Look at the images
their windows
Look closer
and see
of your


Which one is you?
Which one is real?
A string of actors
tied to lines
The role of a lifetime
A roll of the dice
Which plot twisted now?
Which one to cast next?
To keep the audience
still in their seats
Bread and circuses
or blood and kisses
Exit the only stage
you have left
Wishing yourself the
courage to have
played it out right

Lies inside

The story is nailed to my bones
and I don’t know if it shows
or if it’s grown gory in it’s glory
but I know just how deep
the morbid fear and failure go

In my marrow I keep the narrow
definitions and definitives
Can no more resolve to
solve the lies than
stand bones dissolved in lye

My joints are filled with glass
cracked from mirrors of selves past
And I’m sure that when I die
someone will piece back the fa├žade
Rack crying tears for the life
of the one who’d never last