Strong roots
curious for ground
the earth
returns intrigue
This luscious gesture
to the sky
folding frolics
in the wind

To rest beneath
embracing oak
arms outstretched
A silence floats
on falling leaves
where no voice
sings you still

It is

It shimmers
in reflection
each moments illusion
pieces rising
and falling

It sings
without voice
from each movement
and meaning
intrigue entranced
by entire

It sighs
without breath
the relaxing
of action
the triumph of quiet
amongst screaming

Cracked teapot

The cracked teapot leaks
as I pour warmth into our cups
heavy drops fall to the floor

My voice cracks as I
pour my words to you
Flaws cupped gently
in offered open hands
But desperate vulnerability
leaves a stain

You drop your eyes
but not your defences
The carpet is
more absorbent
of my tears