Someone else’s socks
from someone else’s life
The time our thoughts
tumbled together
like our laundry


I have too many words for you
Your name is written
over the margins
in the colour of your eyes
I thought enough tears
would wash you away
but they just stained
more words
with your face


Flick the switch
and suddenly
all the reason
on the other side
comes back into focus

Something about
not knowing makes
you entertain it all
Holding to things
you should let go
because you just
don’t know if
you may yet
need them still

Thank you finally
for your truth
that allowed me
to see mine
Because sometimes it
takes a harshness
to truly give a kind

Our time together
taught many things
of love and life and me
And every part,
the hard, the soft,
the flame, the
freeze, the fear
Every part I’m
grateful for,
for bringing
me to here

You are right
we are good people
and our time
together done
Because we are both
great people
but better as two
than one

Melting frost

That was the first time
you chose to touch me since you left
Paired warmth lightly melting
more the stilted frost.

Months of unsaid, unheard, unknown
Mind puzzling more the why
than heart sad at your going.

Reasoning still not sitting
even with odd inside
But think now I miss
more the having
than the being.

I am too intense, yes
I know I burn right through
the people that I meet
and I did not mean to break you
any more than you did me.

You know there was no need 
to try turn on my taptears,
to put me out,
fire does not compete 
it only really joins,
and I did not mean 
to use up your air,
I only wanted to burn 
along with you.


I’m not here to play your game
Don’t care for your success
What good classic productivity
if I am miserable again?

You say it was a joke
or that it wasn’t meant to hurt
But what am I supposed to think
when you want everything I’m not?

Shamed myself more than I blamed you
but with fallen pieces sharply felt
I only starting living mine
when your life threw me out.


You deconstruct me,
you pick me apart,
excruciatingly and harsh.

You knock me down,
shatter me completely,
even as you pick up the pieces
and give them to me
to prove how much I need you.

You held me together for so long,
and yet you hold me back,
and here you hold me down now,
and I sobscream as I flee.

I stumble, blackened vision,
lumber shockpetrified
at my own made cliff,
and each sharpened,
shattered shard below
was placed there
fully knowingly
by my own shaking hands.


You fracture me,
splintered and gasping,
crack me apart so completely.

Bleeding stumps I claw,
collecting the shards of myself,
slicing my scar tissue
as I clasp the fragments in the blackness.

The thin pierces of light
serve only to illuminate my rumination,
I memorize the shards,
befriend them.

I know every point and helpless sliver,
I arrange them,
mesmerised by the sticky wetness
colonising the dark refraction.

I fail to see how even this clotting, clumping ooze
could glue my meaning into anything tangible.

I fall back on patterns,
arrange the destruction,
a lost solace in structure.