I have too many words for you
Your name is written
over the margins
in the colour of your eyes
I thought enough tears
would wash you away
but they just stained
more words
with your face

Our road ends

You were so tiny, shaky
skittering about
But you nestle in my hand
as you nestle in my heart

You each brought me outside myself
something small but warm to hold to
Eating only oatmeal and
self-loathing in the cold
you were there to keep me here
Fed me so I could feed you

The feel of your fur against my neck
The sound of your chattering teeth in my ear
The nuzzle of your nose
against my nose
affirmed our close connection
in every shared respect

Such silliness, the tricks taught
quirks laughed at and learned
Digging out grasses, chasing string,
dabbling in water for peas
Balancing on boxes for crackers and praise
Every heart clench always worth it
for the worth and warmth you bring

And when I had to leave the house
I had made our home
And I didn’t even know myself
or where I was to go
three twitching sets
of whiskers there
stitching me back together

You are so tiny, shaky
Barely moving now
But you nestle as deep in my hand
As you’ve burrowed in my heart

Close your eyes now old one
last of your noble line
Rest your chest from breath
just let go when you need
I hope I made your life as full
of love as you did mine

And as I close the earth around you
Plant flowers over top and
water them with my eyes
Run again my darlings
Nine sweet sparks in the skies