Which one is you?
Which one is real?
A string of actors
tied to lines
The role of a lifetime
A roll of the dice
Which plot twisted now?
Which one to cast next?
To keep the audience
still in their seats
Bread and circuses
or blood and kisses
Exit the only stage
you have left
Wishing yourself the
courage to have
played it out right

Cracked teapot

The cracked teapot leaks
as I pour warmth into our cups
heavy drops fall to the floor

My voice cracks as I
pour my words to you
Flaws cupped gently
in offered open hands
But desperate vulnerability
leaves a stain

You drop your eyes
but not your defences
The carpet is
more absorbent
of my tears

Just enough

Just enough to say
‘We tried’
Just enough to say
‘We care’
Just enough that no one will
speak out against for fear
of losing what little is given
with vice-gripped
suspicious sneer

Congratulate yourself and
your ministry of lies
As the silent forgotten ones
lose themselves in pieces
Count the creases
round mouths and eyes
And make sure you buy
your tickets to downtrodden’s
protracted demise

Just enough to say
‘We tried’
Just enough to say
‘We care’
Just enough that no one will
point the blame in here
when first with voices,
then bodies, minds,
the undesirables

Drowning mirrors

Caught in you
I lose myself
Eyes grip fierce intensity
Fighting you is staying sane

Make me crazy,
mirrored one
Hold mirrors to me
as I to you
Lost in reflections
and reflection
Dark refraction fractured free

Closing the doors
not to keep you out
but to keep myself from drowning
Might place rocks
in pockets smilingly
if you gave them with a kiss

But maybe I don’t want to
stay safe inside no more
Let’s swim in the star-scatter!
Shriek giggle at the waves!
Let’s run and die and live tonight!
They don’t answer either

Your walls are cold and solid
but their shelter reassuring
If I huddle my heat here long enough
will I melt your walls at all?