Past love

You are a dangerous
acquaintance now
with a case of secrets given
when I still trusted you
to hold them

A part

Strumming chords on strings
from that first afternoon
Your notes slipped inside our hearts
filling more than just a room

You shimmer in the spaces
where your absence shines the brightest
And I hear your laughter, kindness
ringing through the silence

My dear friend, go well
your next adventure waits
And wherever we may go
you will always have a place


We have been afraid
of fire so long
the dead wood
has piled up
dangerous deep

Now one little spark
and the whole thing will burn
taking everything built
to the ashes

Then the charcoal
will purge
all the poisonous

And in the
with the tears
of our loss
something budding
and real
will unfurl
it’s hope