In return

I’m not even sure
if I even know
if these boundaries
you are so keen to set
are for me or
you to follow

It seems like you
are pretty sure
it’s me that still
has things that
need some work

I think if you
slow down look
you might see
what is now
seen as me
half done
is a life lived
wholly wide open

I don’t know if
you admit how
much you hold
onto inside
in fear

What is it
you are afraid of?
What is it
I’m going to do?
Seems so far
my only crime
is that of
loving you

I will not apologize
for living with wonder
an open full heart

And this heart
expects nothing
of you
than to be
exactly as
you are

That love exists
all on its own
if never shared
or ever known

And you cannot hope
to take from me
with silence or
with holding back

I will love
without return
And that is love
not ever lack

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