What is this flesh?
My mind confused
Thinks it is helping
by telling me so.
What is this part?
What is this place?
Architect repeats,
louder and louder.
I am not even sure
what is going on here,
but here are the plans,
and this is nothing alike.
It has all got to come down,
can’t you see the mistakes?
Excuse me, excuse me,
stall me as you must,
but this here is important,
and I need to come through.
I see you are busy.
But this really can’t wait
Look here, look here,
at this part and that-
were you even thinking
how this would turn out?
I am so sorry, really I am
but I insist
I cannot allow this
to remain in my name.
It’s just got to be stopped,
not sure how this got through,
but it’s totally wrong
as I cannot enough say.
Now listen here!
Yes I’m raising my voice.
You can’t just ignore me,
because you know I am right.
I am not leaving,
I shall stand shout all day
I know you do see me,
nodding away deep inside,
you can hide all you want,
but I know my screams reach you.
I cannot in good conscience
allow this here conscious
to remain unengaged
in this construction disaster.
This was my job!
You had only to follow!
How dare you hollow claim
I’m the unreasonable one!
I will prize off my name plaque,
destroy these awards,
send whoever you want,
they must hear too,
I am kicking in doors,
I am coming to you.
I am right outside,
what a mess I have done.
But nothing like
the grotesque mess
you did my design.
You ungrateful bastard!
You piece of shit leader!
Oh one swift shoulder barge more
and then I am through!
What the hell is this place?
Where have you gone?
And why does this photo
label failure as ‘home’?
What’s that in the corner?
Neon vest, hat?
What’s going on here?
What’s that- a tag?
A name badge- oh god!
Oh god!
What the hell?
My name-‘Project Manager’
I don’t understand!
Wasn’t it you who oversaw
this cursed project build?
Actually where are the others?
Why did no one try stop me?
As I tore up the hallways
why there was no one at all?
I thought you too cowardly
to admit your mistakes,
that you couldn’t proper respond
when I started raising the stakes.
But in disgraced debris
I clutch tattered designs,
look up at the wall
as finally I see,
face labelled
‘Founder’ is mine-
you are me.

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