Brittlecrisp discord

Words traced under breath
jumble round deep in closed throat,
swirling in bright buzzing readiness.

Unfurling sentences begin to clang open,
revealing a million manifold spidery claws,
a brittlecrisp discord metallic.

With tickling shrill whispers,
they climb, light afoot,
some shuddersome spectres
daring to dread
waitfully drawn of their sentient sentence.

They cough themselves existent
punctured by dagger breath gasps
and pitch themselves forth,
a vitreous vermin fullstruck.

Their semantic shepherds,
convulsing in titters,
arachnannying splinters
a drivel deep parlance.

For the entangled fibriligree
of their charges are left,
engrossed captive in you,
an owner’s jaggedcroak
message retained.

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